How to Win at Online Craps

One of the most played casinos game online is craps.

Apparently, the online version of the game has not lost any of the popularity of its real life counterpart. Although it may sound complicated, craps is actually easy to play once you know the rules. That would be the first step to take if you want to win at online craps.

Winning at craps online

There are a few key terms that a player needs to know. The player is often called the 'shooter' and at the start of the game, the result of the first throw of the dice is termed as the 'come out roll.'

If that result of the dice being rolled is equal to 11 or 7, then it is called a 'natural.' If the total equals 12, 3, or 2, then it is called 'craps.' A 'point' is when the total adds up to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, or 4. And if a player rolls a double 1, it is called 'snake eyes.'

If you place a wager, avoid betting on the field. The numbers five through eight come up pretty frequently and these are the numbers that makes you lose. The number 7 is most likely to come up since statistically, it has the most number of available combinations leading to it.

Start with smaller bets until you can win back what you brought to the table, then you can play off from your winnings. It is advisable to go slowly with the betting.

Start with the minimum and then slowly build it up from there. Also important, set a goal as to when you have had enough. Most players recommend stopping if you have successfully doubled the amount that originally brought with you.

Or if you have lost everything you got, then you have no choice but to stop.

There are a couple of betting strategies and systems that you could follow, there are many of them available online, but there really is no guarantee and usually they only work in the short run.

The best tip to actually win money when gambling online is to set limits on your bets. Basically, it is best to just gradually increase after each win. If you lose a round, start over with the minimum bet required and again bit by bit, increase after winning a round. That way, your bankroll is more likely to be at a steady amount or growing and increasing, and less likely to decrease.

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