The inevitability of Regulated Online Gambling in the United States

The online gaming industry has been clearing some major hurdles in recent months. For many, online gambling is still unheard of though the industry was born in 1992. In other cases players are overjoyed to hear of the legalization of online gambling in three states this year. Players have been playing at online casinos for quite some time now, the difference between that and what is happening now is that players were always sending money overseas which essentially, the United States was losing. The legalization of online gaming would encourage players to deposit their money into casinos operated and regulated from the United States.

The Upside to United States Regulated Online Casinos

There are many different perks to playing in online casinos, some may not realize this but there are many states that have few or no casinos to accommodate players yet gambling is legal there. This gives players the opportunity to play online from their home without having to take on hours of traveling to play. Another advantage would be the promotions aspect. Promotions in online casinos are typically much better than those in land based casinos. Many of the new online casinos to open for business online will already be operated by gaming giants such as Caesar’s Entertainment and other land-based casino operators.

Why is Regulated Online Gaming Inevitable?

Online gaming has already conquered many obstacles as of recently. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have all passed laws allowing online gaming from their states which gives players to choose which casinos they utilize and allows operators to apply for licenses to operate. Some question the reasoning behind why a land-based casino would want to take to the internet for the gaming capabilities. In New Jersey one casino now offers Betting from Bed which is a program that offers players the ability to use their television as a way to make bets on table games and others right from their room. This is a perfect example of how it’s inevitable; the people for the most part are in favor of easier access to gaming. Some of the downsides come from the business aspect. Smaller casinos won’t be able to compete in this market because licensing for online gaming casinos is limited and comes with a steep price tag. The largest upside to the legalization of online gaming would have to be the amount of revenue in which a state will receive from this per year. In Nevada alone the state will have an increase from 4 billion to 8 billion per year.

Currently, players have the choice between their regular online casino choices whether they are within the United States or they are outside of the country in some cases the attention to online gaming is forcing select states to pass laws against the legalization.

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