Leeann Tweeden

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Leeann Tweeden was born Leeann Velez Tweeden on the 13th of June 1973 in Manasass, Virginia. Her uniquely stunning beauty is attributed to her lineage: she has a Filipino/Spanish mother and a Norwegian father.

She proclaimed herself to be quite the tomboy while growing up. When she was young her brother and father were actively participating in car races and also go-kart races; she even had an uncle who was an announcer for truck races. This kind of upbringing would eventually have a large impact later on. Leeann currently enjoys riding her dirt bike in rough terrains.

Leeann is not all brawn though. She flew through high school graduating early at only 16 years old. She supposedly received an acceptance to Harvard University which she put off because she wanted to focus on achieving her goal of becoming a model.

Tweeden then moved to Colorado Springs where she got a job working at a Hooter's restaurant. Her first break came when she won the 1992 search for Venus International Model - she was 19 years old. This paved her way to Los Angeles where she started getting a lot of offers in both her modeling and television career.

Leeann Tweeden started off modeling for Frederick's in Hollywood. She currently holds the record for being featured on their cover the most. Her introduction to television came in a talent show as part of the cast in 'Star Search.' She then appeared in ESPN's 'Fitness Beach' - a top rated program that focused on improving physical fitness.

Aside from being so obviously famous for her works, poker fans out there are also very much familiar with the name Leeann Tweeden. She started with hosting the 2006 Mansion Poker Dome Challenge with which she won a Sports Emmy. In 2008, she also hosted the NBC shows National Heads Up Poker Championship and Poker After Dark both for . Poker players can give testimony to her being one of the best hostesses with the perfect mix of charm and skill in doing interviews.

As the years went by, she still kept her focus on modeling, most particularly on Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and other similar magazines for men. Her gorgeous face, paired with a fit and sexy body makes her irresistible to the camera lenses. Even now at 38 years old, she appeared on the cover of Playboy once again for the December issue this year.

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